About Our Farm

Our Story

We are Fresh Press Farms, the makers of homegrown, cold pressed cooking oils. Crafting oil like this means we capture the best of the olive... and the sunflower because we make that oil too!

Freshness is never a question with Fresh Press Farms. We believe that what we put into our bodies should be minimally processed, actually *improve* your health, and taste like the source. Locally produced and vertically integrated, we proudly grow, harvest, cold press, bottle and distribute our oils in Georgia to ensure top-notch quality and a quick trip from grove to pantry. If you want to learn more about our cold pressing and what makes it special, check out our Why Cold Pressed page.

Our farm is vertically integrated which means we grow, harvest, cold press, bottle it and distribute it to retail. That cuts out wasted time and gets the freshest tasting oil from our farm to your table quicker than any other olive oil brand.

With Fresh Press Farms, you know you’re getting a healthy, delicious pantry staple right from the source. Unlike many other oils on the market, our oils are never rancid, stale, over-processed, or adulterated with fillers or artificial preservatives. We are proud to bring freshness, transparency, nutrition, and unmatched flavor back to the oil aisle.


Want Your Own Olive Tree From Our Grove?!

Shop for a beautiful olive tree from our sister store, The Olive Tree Box! 

These olive trees have a rich history that dates back centuries to the people and cultures of the Mediterranean. But today, we’re proud to share that our farm is home to all the beauty and serenity of these charming trees located right here on American soil.

From their silver green leaves to their delicate white blossoms and exotic fruits, the olive tree is a legendary wonder. Symbols of friendship, healing, longevity, and peace, they come ready to share their spiritual gifts with those who encounter them. Plant them in a decorative urn, simple pot, or straight into the ground to bring splendor to any garden or home for generations to come. (And yes – with the right care they do live that long!) 

And if that’s something you’re looking to share, an olive tree makes the perfect gift to share with loved ones. After all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


How We Take Care Of Our People

At Fresh Press Farms, we care immensely about our people. That's why we offer world class health insurance for our farmers and employees. In our home state of Georgia, a mere 15% of agricultural workers are offered health insurance. We aim to set an example and challenge the status quo by offering our farmers the best of the best for their health and safety, and hope our fellow Georgians will start to do the same.


Why Aluminum?

We bottle our delicious cold pressed oils in endlessly recyclable aluminum bottles for a few reasons.
  1. It’s Better For The Oil – Aluminum is the best possible barrier to oxygen, and in the cooking oil industry oxygen is the enemy. Oxidation causes a loss of flavor, nutrient density, and aroma. Our proprietary bottles protect your olive oil or sunflower oil from harmful UV light often found in kitchens that actively destroys vitamins and accelerates rancidity. 
  2. It’s Better For The Environment – According to the Aluminum Association, this precious metal is among the most valuable and recyclable materials. It forms a perfect closed loop and can be recycled endlessly – forever! Approximately 75% of all products made from aluminum are recycled in the USA.
  3. It’s Counter-Worthy – We're proud that our aluminum bottles are beautiful enough to live on your kitchen counter all year long.