LOCAL PICKUP ONLY: Potted Olive Tree

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Are you local? Visit our olive tree farm in Iron City, Georgia and introduce a touch of Mediterranean charm to any space with an olive tree! Admired for its graceful weeping structure and silvery leaves, this tree thrives in diverse environments and withstands challenging conditions, making it a perfect choice for pot planting or outdoor landscapes. By bringing home our olive tree, you embrace not just a plant, but a piece of the vast, enchanting Mediterranean region, highlighting the resilience and diversity of this magnificent species.

*Pot not included

USDA Zone: Appropriate for all zones when placed indoors, or zones 8-10 when placed or planted outdoors.

USDA Zone Map

Pot Size: Please pot in a 14-16 inch diameter pot. 

Tree Size: We grow our olive trees outdoors exposed to the elements in order to grow a stronger, more resilient tree compared to other olive trees on the market grown in highly controlled greenhouse environments. Because our trees are allowed to grow naturally, they often have curved or “kinked” trunks (a traditional characteristic of olive trees!) and can vary in shape and size. That said, our trees are ~3 feet tall when you come to pick it up from our farm and they have been pruned by our team in advance.

Fruiting: The trees in our grove are between 3-5 years old, and we cannot predict exactly when your tree will begin fruiting as it largely depends on the environment in which it is growing. However, most olive trees begin fruiting by year 4, so by next harvest season we anticipate you may see fruiting if the tree is well cared for. Please note that changes in environmental temperature can cause delays in fruiting (ex. moving a potted tree outdoors to indoors or drastic A/C changes if grown indoors only).